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Electric scooters are intuitive and don’t tend to need much explaining – same can be said about Kick scooters  and we appreciate that you just want to get going… but we strongly recommend reading the user manual before you begin. The manuals are generally only a few pages and they contain crucial pieces of info that will make your journeys safer. 



Prevention is always better than the cure.  Accidents do happen, and if or when they do it’s always best to be ready. More so we advise all our customers to wear a helmet as well as other protective gear. There are so many options and style variety available at one is sure to compliment your style.



If your scooter does not have built in lights and there’s any chance you’ll be riding in low light (bear in mind winter daylight hours) we highly recommend that you get some lights. This will make those early morning and late night rides safer as you can see and be seen!



If you are a skilled rider you will probably be able to handle slippery conditions but for beginners we would recommend not taking the risk. Again, be sure to check the user manual about riding in the rain or wet conditions.



Always perform safety checks! Double check and insure that all aspects of your e-scooter or kick scooter is in good working order. It’s a 5 point checklist that takes just minutes.

1. Tires – if your tires are air-filled, firstly check they are inflated correctly.  For all tires, ensure there’s no visible damage or wear and they have sufficient tread depth

2. Brakes – check that they are are working properly

3. Battery – check see if there is  enough battery for you to complete your whole journey

4. Throttle – your e-scooter should have a smooth throttle with absolutely no sticking. Test this out in a safe space.

5. Damage – give your scooter a look over and check for no obvious damage or cracks in the frame or cabling.

It’s that simple and then you’re good to go!



It’s obvious really, but with scooters it’s especially tempting to relax and enjoy the view as you ride along- but you’ve got to keep an eye on the road ahead, slippery roads, drain covers, unaware vehicles,people,bicycles, etc, etc. we know know you got this, but please stay safe!


One Rider 

As tempting as it may be to show off your new scooter, they’re not built for two people, so please no piggy backs. Let your friends try riding on your scooter by themselves, and then they’ll absolutely fall in love and want to buy their own.



Please take it really slow when getting to know your new scooter. The acceleration on e scooters can be disarming and learning to turn and brake at different speeds and on different surfaces will help you become a better rider.

Be mindful of others around you such as pedestrians, fellow scooter riders and all cyclists young and old. It will prevent injury to yourself and everyone else and you’ll enjoy the benefits of your scooter for years to come.


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Our goal is to provide great selection of electric scooters, with affordable pricing, quick shipping, and outstanding customer service! We strive to make buying, upgrading, and personalizing electric scooters easy by letting you know which parts goes best with your scooter. Our vision is to ensure that our customers are pleased with the product and our services including warranty. We want to see everyone riding along happily on a Go2 branded scooter or a product. Our mission is to outsell our competitors and provide better product at better market price. Give us a call today, we are always available with your questions and want to get you out riding. Email your questions to (Insert Email Address) and we can help you with part selection to make you custom pro scooter build a reality. We will let you know what parts are compatible and get the best fit for you and your style.

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Go2 Scooters is dedicated to providing the best pro scooter parts that an avid park or street rider could ever want.

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